We use geo-location services to determine where you are located - we need to do this as our service is only available in the UK, with some like the Live TV stream only available in our broadcast areas - Central and North Scotland..

Some things that might stop your location from being reported correctly:

  • VPN - Using a VPN can mask your true location¬†- try turning off any VPN software you may have.
  • Your data or internet provider may be masking your location as they use servers in a different location - try using a different WiFi network to see if this resolves the issue.
    You can also try using an online service, such as whatismyipaddress.com to see where internet provider is locating you.
  • If your iSP or data service is reporting you as a different location - try rebooting your WiFi router or switching to another WiFi or data network if one is available.