Our app is available on the Google Play store for supported Google TV devices, simply search for STV Player in the Store from your device.

On a TV that supports Google TV you may need to be in the Google TV app or area first and then search for our app.

The features of our Google TV app include:

  • Access to the STV live and +1 streams - to those located in our broadcast area
  • Access to our on-demand content
  • Ad-free access for STV Player+ subscribers

Will this work with Android TV devices?

While we have built and tested primarily for Google TV devices, we are making the app available for Android TV devices so you can try this for yourself. While searching for our app on Android TV devices you may see two versions one from STV and one from Everyone TV these are both our apps - the STV labelled one is the same version as our Google TV app.

For Sony TV users check out their support pages: Sony Support - Google TV apps to find out more about installing Google TV apps.