You can use AirPlay to watch STV Player content from your iOS device on a TV via your Apple TV or Smart TV if it supports AirPlay*.

  • Make sure your device and Apple TV / Smart TV are on the same WiFi network.
  • The AirPlay icon will appear on the top playback bar if the stream you are on supports AirPlay - tap this icon to activate AirPlay.
  • Select the device you want to play to.

For some older iOS versions you may need to activate AirPlay from the Control Centre on your device - swiping up to display this on your device.

On which streams can I use AirPlay?

  • AirPlay is available to all STV Player users when viewing the Live TV streams in the Channels section.

Can I use AirPlay on Catch-Up or Boxsets?

  • Due to how ads are delivered on our on demand content then this content is not compatible with AirPlay.
  • Subscribers to STV Player+ may be able to use AirPlay in some instances where the content shown does not carry ads, but will be subject to the same compatibility issues for any programmes that carry ads.

Other options:

If you have an Apple TV device you can install the Apple TV app instead and use this to watch both the Live and Catch-Up streams. 

*You can check if your Smart TV supports AirPlay with the manufacturer or on the Apple Support site.