You can use AirPlay to watch STV Player content from your iOS device on a TV via your Apple TV or Smart TV if it supports AirPlay*.

  • Make sure your device and Apple TV / Smart TV are on the same WiFi network.
  • The AirPlay icon will appear on the top playback bar if the stream you are on supports AirPlay - tap this icon to activate AirPlay.
  • Select the device you want to play to.

For some older iOS versions you may need to activate AirPlay from the Control Centre on your device - swiping up to display this on your device.

On which streams can I use AirPlay?

  • AirPlay is available to all STV Player users when viewing the Live TV stream
  • STV Player+ users are able to use AirPlay on the Catch-up stream and when watching downloaded content also.

*You can check if your Smart TV supports AirPlay with the manufacturer or on the Apple Support site.