Domestic Abuse Charities and Helplines;

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline

Helpline number: 0800 027 1234

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We support anyone in Scotland who has experienced, or is at risk of experiencing domestic abuse or forced marriage, as well as those concerned about someone they know experiencing these.  We can discuss your options and provide contact details to relevant support agencies.  We will help you regardless of age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, nationality or background. If English is not your first language, we can speak to you through a confidential translation service.

Scottish Women’s Aid

Office: 0800 027 1234

Scottish Women's Aid is the lead organisation in Scotland working towards the prevention of domestic abuse.  We play a vital role campaigning and lobbying for effective responses to domestic abuse.  An important aspect of our work is ensuring that women and children who have experienced domestic abuse get the services they need, both from local Women’s Aid groups and from the agencies they are likely to contact.  Our members are local Women’s Aid groups which provide specialist services to women, children and young people.  These include safe refuge accommodation, information and support.  For queries relating to our policy or campaign work please contact us, for support if you are experiencing abuse please contact Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline.

Women's Aid Federation of England 

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What is domestic abuse

Dame Project

For women who are experiencing or have experienced physical, mental, sexual or domestic violence or abuse. Offers advice, support and crisis intervention to abused women.

Victim Support Helpline

Helpline:  0808 168 9111 

Living with domestic abuse during coronavirus

Domestic Abuse
 We don’t just help people who’ve recently experienced domestic abuse – we’re here to support both men and women, weeks, months and years afterwards.    All of our services are confidential, free and available to anyone who's experienced domestic violence. 

Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation

25hr Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline:  0808 802 1414 

Women’s Aid  provides a wide range of services to women and children affected by domestic violence throughout Northern Ireland. We offer a safe place to stay in refuges or outreach support for those remaining at home. Children’s physical and emotional needs are met through many types of support.

The Hideout
Website for children and young people witnessing domestic violence.

Bright Sky Domestic Abuse App

Bright Sky App

Available in 4 languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi and Polish.  A unique UK-wide directory of specialist domestic abuse support services with contact details.  A secure My Journal tool to record incidents of abuse via text, audio, video or photo form, without any of the content being saved on the device itself.  Questionnaires to assess the safety of a relationship, plus a section on dispelling myths around domestic and sexual abuse.  Links to further resources and information on topics around domestic abuse.