If you are experiencing playback issues on multiple platforms and seeing Error 8 or Error 3 messages.

Then we would suggest trying the following:

  • Turn off any VPN or location blocking/masking service you might be running.
  • Reboot the device running the STV Player app and your WiFi router.
  • Check that your ISP is correctly reporting your location - you can use a service such as whatismyipaddress.com - this should show you as in the UK.
  • Use a different WiFi or data network to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Check if the issue appears when using the web version of our player - stv.tv

If you are still having issues accessing shows on the STV Player, then get in touch at enquires@stv.tv and let us know:

  • The platforms you are having issues with e.g. web, android mobile, Sky etc
  • For mobile devices the make and model of your phone or tablet
  • The content you are trying to watch
  • Your Internet provider (ISP)
  • The location being reported by your ISP
  • Your IP address 

You can find the information for the last three points by visiting: whatismyipaddress.com