Our Live TV stream is only available to those who live in our broadcast area (Central and Northern areas of Scotland).

If you live outside this area, then ITV will provide your channel 3 live stream and you can get more information from them at: itv.com

You can still use our app and get 1000's of hours of box sets, dramas and films for free - just not the live stream or watch again.

I live in the STV area but can't see the Live Stream:

  • Check you are on a app that supports the live stream: Which apps support the Live stream?
  • Check your postcode (Settings > Account) - we use this to help determine your location
  • Disable any VPN - you do need to be in the UK to use the STV app
  • Check your Internet provider is reporting your location correctly. You can check this via sites like: whatismyipaddress.com