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Gov UK – Getting a Divorce - Looking After Children when you divorce


Gov UK Civil Legal Advice

Helpline:  0345 345 4 345 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am to 12.30 pm) 

Community Legal Advice (CLA) is a free and confidential advice service in England and Wales paid for by legal aid.  If you are living on a low income or benefits, you may be eligible for free specialist advice from legal advisers on issues including: benefits and tax credits; debt, education; housing; employment; and family problems.


Citizens Advice A Relationship - Making Child Arrangements


Rights of Women

Family law - 020 7251 6577 Click here for opening hours and more information 
Criminal law - 020 7251 8887 Click here for opening hours and more information
For women in London - 020 7608 1137 Click here for opening hours and more information 
Immigration & asylum law - 020 7490 7689 Click here for opening hours and more information

Founded in 1975, we offer free confidential legal advice to women on our advice line.  We offer specialist advice in family law, divorce and relationship breakdown, children and contact issues, domestic violence, sexual violence, discrimination and lesbian parenting.  We empower women to access their legal rights.



When facing divorce, separation, domestic abuse or other family difficulties, the right advice and support is essential from skilled professionals who are experienced at resolving the kind of disputes that arise when couples separate.  Resolution’s 5500 members are family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Our members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Our members encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children.


Child Maintenance Options

Helpline:  0800 988 0988  (Lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm Saturday)

The Child Maintenance Options service can provide impartial information and support.   They are here to help both parents, as well as guardians, relatives and anyone concerned about a child or separated family.


National Association of Child Contact Centres

Tel:  0115 948 4557 - Find a Centre

More than a million children have no contact whatsoever with one or other parent after separation. Unfortunately some children experience behavioural issues including antisocial behaviour, distress, unhappiness, and both physical and emotional problems. The NACCC is the only charity in the UK dedicated to solving this problem, by providing safe spaces where children can meet the parents they don't live with.  We oversee around 400 contact centres across the UK, run by a network of nearly 4000 volunteers. Our #lostparents campaign aims to raise awareness of the work centres do in keeping children in touch with parents.


Law And Parents - Applying for Child Custody

The law provides many rights, responsibilities and protections for children - and parents can often find themselves confused as to what the state requires. LawAndParents offers a comprehensive information source for parents wishing to learn about their legal responsibilities and their rights in relation to their children.


Divorce & Splitting Up: Advice From a Top Divorce Lawyer - Free Divorce Worksheets and Downloads


Divorce Recovery Workshop

National Helpline: 0333 335 0489 (local call) 

Divorce Recovery Workshop is a self-help course that will help people deal with the emotional trauma of a relationship that has broken down.  The workshop will help you to understand what you are going through, provide support from others in the same situation and help you adjust to your new status. It is complimentary to any professional help and support you may be receiving. We do not provide legal advice or formal counselling.



Young People


Helpline:  0800 1111 - Divorce & Separation 

ChildLine is a counselling service for children and young people.  You can contact ChildLine in these ways:  You can phone  on 0800 1111, send us an email, have a 1-2-1 chat with us, send a message to Ask Sam and you can post messages to the ChildLine message boards.  You can contact ChildLine about anything - no problem is too big or too small.  If you are feeling scared or out of control or just want to talk to someone you can contact ChildLine. 


The Mix

Helpline:  0808 808 4994 - When Parents Divorce

Life’s tough, we know that. It can throw a lot your way and make it hard to know what the hell to do with it all.   So, welcome to The Mix. Whether you’re 13, 25, or any age in between, we’re here to take on the embarrassing problems, weird questions, and please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts you have. We give you the information and support you need to deal with it all.  Because you can.  Because you’re awesome.  We’ll connect you to experts and your peers who’ll give you the support and tools you need to take on any challenge you’re facing – for everything from homelessness to finding a job, from money to mental health, from break-ups to drugs.   We’re a free and confidential multi-channel service. That means that you choose how you access our support, without the worry of anyone else finding out. Whether it be through our articles and video content online or our phoneemailpeer to peer and counselling services – we put the control in your hands. You can even volunteer with us too.


Helpline:  0808 802 5544 - Friends & Family
Parents' Information Service gives advice to parents or carers who may be concerned about the mental health or emotional well being of a child or young person.





Family Lives

Parentline:  0808 800 2222 - Divorce & Separation 

Open 24/7 and specialises in helping parents under stress, no matter what the problem. You can offload on to them and talk through what would be best for your children.  


Netmums - Helping your children through a divorce or separation

A unique local network for Mums (or Dads), offering a wealth of information on both a national and local level. Once registered, you can access details for all kinds of local resources, from child-friendly cafes to childminders, places to go etc.


Relate - Find your nearest Relate - Talk to someone

Offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through this website.


Family Mediators Association
General Enquiries:  01355 244 594
Family mediation is a voluntary process by which couples in dispute, particularly those going through separation or divorce, are helped to deal with arrangements for their future.  NFMA has a network of over 60 not-for-profit Family Mediation Services in England and Wales offering help to couples, married or unmarried, who are in the process of separation and divorce.  


Single Parents Helpline:  0808 802 0925

Gingerbread is the charity which works nationally and locally, for and with single parent families, to improve their lives. We achieve change by championing their voices and needs and providing support services.


Families Need Fathers

Helpline:  0300 0300 363

Help with shared parenting issues arising from relationship breakdown whether you’re the mum or dad, married or unmar­ried.



Helpline:  0300 123 7015 

Kinship is the leading kinship care charity in England and Wales. We are here for all kinship carers – the grandparents and siblings, the aunts, uncles, and family friends who step up to raise children when their parents aren’t able to.

We won’t rest until every kinship family has the recognition, value and support they need and deserve.