When using the STV Player app on Android Mobile, Fire TV or Google TV you may see the error message:

It looks like the content was not able to load due to a connection issue. Please check your internet connection and try again later. Error code: BC-1-4.

This is due to part of the video stream failing to download to your device, typically this will happen on longer shows as these have larger components to download.

This issue won't affect every show, so you should still be able to watch other shows on the app and an update will be available shortly to resolve the issue for all shows.

While waiting for this update you can try the following which may help:

  • Ensure your WIFI signal has a strong and stable signal - rebooting your WIFI router can help free up bandwidth and repositioning the router can help signal strength.
  • For Fire TV or Google TV apps freeing up space on the device - by clearing the Cache and Data stored by the STV app
  • For Mobile users you can use the web version of our app www.stv.tv to watch the show
  • Also try the same show again later as we will actively look to optimise all our shows and files, so the optimised version may work better for you.

Clearing the STV Player Cache and Data on TV apps:

  • Fire TV : From the main Fire TV page navigate to: Settings (Cog icon)  > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > STV Player and then Clear Data and Clear Cache
  • Google TV : From the main Google TV page navigate to: Settings (Cog icon)  > Apps > STV Player and then Clear Data and Clear Cache