Some platforms will let you change some of the styling associated with subtitles - this can include changing the size and colour of the subtitles.

You can do this on the Web and Apple (iOS) versions of the STV Player - this page contains details on how to change both.

How to change Subtitle styles on the STV Web Player: (via a PC or laptop):

Where a programme has subtitles available it will show the S icon in the video playback window.

Click on the S icon and choose subtitles settings option, this will bring up the options available:

Change the colours, fonts or size and click Done when finished.

Note:  this method is only available when using the web version of the STV Player when accessed on a PC or Laptop. If you are using the website on a mobile device then you can use the device's own settings to change subtitle styles.

How to change Subtitle styles on the Apple (iOS) version of STV Web Player:

You can change the Subtitle size on your device and this will change the size of the subtitles displayed in the STV Player.

On your device go to:

  •  Settings  > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Style

From here you can select Large Text to increase the size of the subtitles shown in our App.

There is an additional option for Extra Large Text that isn't immediately available via the main list.

To enable Extra Large Text 

  • Choose Create New Style from the list of Styles
  • In the Size sectiochoose Extra Large from the options available
  • Choose Save once you've finished amending all the options 

You can also change other elements such as Colour, Font and the subtitle background from this section.

Not seeing your changes on your Apple device?

Some programmes come with their own settings for subtitles, you can set whether you use the supplied style or your own style in the same section:

  •  Settings  > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Style > Create New Style > Size

Here you'll find an option for Video Override keeping this On will use the subtitle styles supplied with the video. If you are seeing different styling for a particular programme then you can try setting this to Off.