You can change the Subtitle size on your device and this will change the size of the subtitles displayed in the STV Player.

On your device go to:

  •  Settings  > Accessibility  >  Subtitles & Captioning  > Style

From here you can select Large Text to increase the size of the subtitles shown in our App.

Examples of text sizes:



Large Text:

Can I increase the size further?

There is an additional option for Extra Large Text that isn't immediately available via the main list.

To enable Extra Large Text 

  • Choose Create New Style from the list of Styles
  • In the Size section choose Extra Large from the options available
  • Choose Save once you've finished amending all the options 

Example of Extra Large Text:

You can also change other elements such as Colour, Font and the subtitle background from this section.

Why isn't my Subtitle Style showing on a specific programme?

Some programmes come with their own settings for subtitles, you can set whether you use the supplied style or your own style in the same section:

  •  Settings  > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning > Style > Create New Style > Size

Here you'll fine an option for Video Override keeping this On will use the subtitle styles supplied with the video. If you are seeing different styling for a particular programme then you can try setting this to Off.