STV Player+ subscribers who have a compatible iOS device (iPhone or iPad) get the option to download some of our content to watch later/offline.

The programmes available to download are mostly the catch-up versions of shows already broadcast on the main STV channel. Live events, films and exclusive box sets will not be available for download due to rights restrictions.

To download a show:

  • Go to the show you want to download and tap the download icon   beside each episode you want to download.
  • The programme will then be checked to see if it's eligible to be downloaded.
  • Episodes will be queued and you can check on the progress of all downloads by visiting the Download section via the icon  in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Once complete these shows will be stored in the Download section and can be viewed from here.

Some things to note:

Some shows may not be available to download due to rights restrictions.
Downloads will expire after 7 days or at the programmes planned expiry date if this comes first. 
The first download could take a few minutes before it starts downloading, but any other queued downloads will then start immediately.
The amount of storage space you have on your device and the strength of your WiFi connection will impact on your ability to successfully download shows to your device.