You can use My List to keep track of your favourite shows and have them added to the Homepage (web, iOS app & Android app), so you can always find them easily.

To add items to My List:

  • On a programme page look for the +My List button - click this and it will update to aMy List - this programme has now been added to My List

To remove items from My List:

  • Go to the programme page and click on the aMy List button - when it changes back to +My List them it's been removed.
  • Or go to the My List section:
    • On web - Choose My List from the top navigation bar
    • On iOS app - Choose My List on the bottom navigation bar - you may need to choose more first
    • on Android app - Choose My List on the bottom navigation bar 
From here you can see all the programmes on your list and delete any you no longer require.

Adding My List programmes to the homepage

  • When you first add an item to your My List a new row will automatically appear on your STV Player homepage and this will contain the eight most recent programmed you've added to My List - making it easy to always find your favourite programmes.