How do I link my Smart TV or TV device to STV Player?

  • Download and install the STV Player app from your TV or device app store.
  • Open the STV Player app
  • Review the Privacy Information

  • Once you've reviewed and set your privacy settings choose the option to Continue to STV Player

  • You will see the options to:
    • Visit our website using a different device (laptop, phone or tablet) and enter the code shown
    • Sign in by entering your Email and Password via the remote control

Option 1: Visiting our website and entering the code

  • Go to the web address shown on screen on your laptop, phone or tablet, with some versions of our app you will have the option to scan a QR code as well - use only the camera on your Phone or Tablet to scan the QR code and not a third party app.
    If you have problems using or entering the link, you can go to and choose the TV Activation Code option from the list of links at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are not already logged into your STV account on the website you will be asked to do so, if you don't have an STV account you will be asked to set one up now.
  • Once logged in or your account set up, you will be asked for the code shown on the screen - make sure you enter this as shown.

  • Hit the Continue button and wait for the message on your TV to change

Option 2: Entering the code via the remote control

  • Choose the Sign In option from the screen (you will need an existing STV account to use this option)
  • Select the Email Address box to enter your email from the on-screen keyboard

  • Move to the Password box  to enter your password for your STV account using the on-screen keyboard
  • Select Sign In to complete the process