How do I link my smart TV to STV Player?

You can watch the video or follow the instructions below:

You'll need:

●STV Player app already installed on your smart TV.

● To have access to the internet.

What to do:

● Open STV Player app.

● Click on the ‘Join STV/Sign in’ button.

● You’ll be presented with a web address and unique 5-digit code on your TV screen.

● On your laptop, mobile or tablet, enter the web address -

● If you’re already signed in to your STV player account, you’ll be asked to enter the unique 5-digit code now.

● If you’re not signed in, enter your email address and click ‘Continue’.

            Note; If you’re already registered for an STV player account, you’ll be asked to enter your password now.

● If you are not registered, you will now need to fill in the STV Player registration form

            Enter the following fields; first name, last name, create a password, date of birth, postcode and select your marketing preference and then click ‘join STV’.

● You have now set up an STV player account and you’re signed in; enter the unique 5 digit code that is displayed on your TV screen into the website then click ‘Continue’.

● There will be a confirmation screen on the website and you’ll be automatically signed into the STV Player on your TV.

● Now it’s time to watch all your STV favourites and explore all our STV Player exclusives!