You may cancel at any time during the month or your trial period, and you will still receive the benefits of STV Player+ up until your subscription/trial was due to expire.

If you signed up in app with your Apple ID account:

Cancellation can be done, anytime:

  • Via the app itself, in the Settings menu > Plan > Manage Your Subscription - you will be passed from the app to your Apple ID settings - choose STV Player and then Cancel Subscription.
  • Via the device used to originally sign-up, Settings >  Select your Name > Subscriptions > STV Player > Cancel Subscription
  • Online: At Apple's website:

Your subscription cannot be cancelled by STV on your behalf. You will need to cancel it directly with Apple even if you delete your STV account.  In case of issues, or to check any previous purchases, visit the Apple support pages at

If you signed up via the STV website: 

Cancellation can be done, anytime:

  • Via our website at and accessing the Plan section where you will see the Cancel Subscription button.

If you signed up in app with your Roku account: