Applies to STV Player+ only

Downloads are available on iOS 10 or above only. Users with iOS9 will be able to see the feature but won't be able to use it: a recommendation to upgrade to the latest OS will be presented to them at that point, however:

  • Their device might not be compatible
  • There is no discount on the £3.99 monthly charge if users are not able to access download due to their device's OS

Things to know about downloads:

  • Not all shows have downloads rights, so will not be available to download - such as films.
  • Downloads expire after 7 days or at the normal catch-up expiry date - whichever comes first.
  • There are no limits on how many times an episode might be downloaded until it expires from the platform.
  • Multiple downloads may be started in parallel, the app will maximise the number of parallel downloads and queue the rest.
  • Downloads are stored locally on the devices and cannot be accessed from outside the app or moved. You will need sufficient space on your device to store the downloads.
  • Downloads can be deleted
  • Downloads are via WiFi only by default. Downloads can be enabled for 3G/4G via the app settings - downloading may then result in data usage 
  • Downloads may fail as a result of:
    • Poor connection
    • Not enough storage space
  • Failed downloads can be re-initiated any time until the desired episode has expired from the platform