Picture in Picture or PiP lets you continue watching the current programme in a small window that can stay with you as you browser other sites or use other apps.

It's available wherever you see this icon  PiP icon on the playback bar or by backgrounding (leaving but not closing) the iOS or Android app.

You can find the PiP option on:

  • The web site  - when using Chrome or Safari browsers - on the Live stream
  • The Android app - when using tablet and mobile devices - on both the Live and Catch-up streams - for users on Android v8 or later
  • The iOS app - iPad only - on the Live stream

On the web you will need to keep the current browser page/tab open to continue using PiP, but just open a new tab/window or minimise the browser to visit other web pages or use other applications.

In the apps just keep the STV Player app running in the background to keep PiP playing.